We are specialists in the finest quality gig posters,
art prints, record sleeves and high-end stationery.

Every one of our prints is produced meticulously and
we take great pride in quality and attention to detail. 

Our mission is to produce an end result that we can
all be proud of.

Our clients include a range of established and emerging
bands, musicians, graphic designers, illustrators and artists.


  • From that initial consultation through to choosing inks, paper and print techniques, we enjoy working closely 
    with our clients at every stage of
    the process.

  • We print using quality, solvent-free,
    water-based inks, and keep in a
    range of specialist inks, including
    metallic, glow-in-the-dark
    and fluorescent.

  • We keep a good selection of papers in-house and can also source a large range of different weights, sizes, colours and finishes on request.

Prints of Thieves was established in 2011 by
Tommy Davidson-Hawley, an artist and musician
with a passion for the screen printing process and
over 15 years of experience in the field. 

The studio has grown organically over the years, and
from its beginnings in the corner of a band rehearsal
space utilising handmade equipment, it has matured
into a well-equipped modern, dynamic studio.